Alliance Payroll Services - Price List

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As the payroll processor for thousands of clients across the nation, we understand the demands of various clients across numerous industries. Payroll processing fees are applied with each pay run.

# of Pays
# of Pays
$20.00 Base Fee+
$1.10 per check
$1.08 per check
$1.06 per check
$1.04 per check
$1.02 per check
$1.00 per check
$0.98 per check
$0.96 per check
$0.94 per check
$0.92 per check
W-2 Processing

W-2's printed by Alliance Payroll Services. Employees can also access their W-2 online via their MyPay Employee Self-Sevice Portal.

# of W-2's
$50 Base Fee + Cost Per W-2
$5.75 per
Affordable Care Act - 1094-C and 1095-C employee statements.

1094-C summary transmittal and 1095-C statements.

# of 1095-C Statement
$50 Base Fee + Cost Per 1095-C
$5.75 per
  • Complete Tax Filing: $13.00 per payroll processing up to three states ($10.00 per month per state after three states)
  • Direct Deposit/Pay Cards: $0.35 per check plus $5.00 processing fee (credit check required)
  • All-Check Payment Service: $0.35 per check plus $5.00 per processing
  • Agency Checks: $1.50 per check

MyPay allows employers to provide a single web-based platform for employees to manage their own information--saving time on your busy workload! Select the MyPay level that best fits your business.

$0.25 per employee per month (PEPM). $25.00 monthly minimum

  • Personal Details
  • Paycheck History
  • Time Off Balances
  • Company Time Off Calendar
  • Deductions & Taxes
  • Direct Deposits
  • W-2 Forms
  • Custom FAQ
  • Employee Directory
  • Online Company Bulletin Board

$0.50 per employee per month (PEPM). $25.00 monthly minimum

Includes all MyPay Silver features plus:

  • Employee Change Requests
  • Time Off Requests
  • Electronic Timesheets
  • Employee Documents
  • Employee To Do Items (Surveys, Tests, Sign-offs, etc.)

$1.50 per employee per month (PEPM). $25.00 monthly minimum

Includes all MyPay Gold features plus:

  • Online Benefit Enrollment
  • View Current Benefits
  • Report Life Events
  • Beneficiary Changes

MyPay Platinum Requires the HR & Benefits Module

The HR Modules allows you to track and manage all aspects of your employees HR files. Workflows, email Alerts along with communication tools that allow you to connect to employee in their MyPay employee portals take paper out of HR tasks!

Our Benefit Management Suite within AllPay delivers a complete life cycle to your benefit programs. Each piece of the employer mandate compliance puzzle is connected!

$1.00 per employee per month (PEPM). Benefit Setup Fees - depends on setup complexity.

  • ADA
  • Certification
  • Commendations
  • Communications
  • Corporate Assets
  • Dependents
  • Department Changes
  • Documents
  • Drug Test
  • Education
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Events
  • FMLA
  • I9 Certification
  • License
  • LOA
  • OSHA
  • Photo
  • Reviews
  • Customizable Review Forms
  • Skills
  • Status Change
  • Training
  • Warnings
  • Workflows
  • Benefits
  • Benefit Enrollment
  • Benefit Eligibility
  • Benefit Salary
  • Coverage Approvals
  • Discounts
  • Life Events

Our Carrier Connection service automatically updates employee benefit information to your insurance carriers. Changes made in our system that impact an employee's benefit plan feed electronically to insurance carries eliminating the process of logining in or calling an insurance carrier with changes.

$0.50 per enrolled employee per month. Set-up fee $750.00 per carrier file.

  • Completely automated transfer of benefit data to providers
  • Core, Supplemental and Voluntary Benefits
  • Retirement Plans
  • Current connections with over 200 carriers
  • Same monthly fee regardless of number of carriers

Alliance Payroll’s AllPay workforce management application allows you to connect to web-based HR resources along with Human Resources Professionals with years of experience. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every Alliance Payroll client has access to our HR Support Center for all of your HR needs.

$25.00 per month per named user.

  • Laws Library (State and Federal)
  • Learning Library
  • Training On-Demand
  • HR Audit
  • Employee Handbooks
  • HR Checklists
  • Documents
  • HR On-Demand (ask the pro's)
  • HR Concierge

Instead of sifting through stacks of paper applications and having your hiring managers possibly interview poor candidates, simplify your hiring process by deploying our paperless All-Aboard Applicant Tracking and assure you hire the best candidates for your company.

$2.50 per new hire. $250.00 setup fee.

  • Custom branded online Applicant Portal
  • Post unlimited positions
  • Post positions across multiple locations
  • Full hiring manager access to their location applicants
  • Create custom Hiring Flags to manage your workflow
  • Upload documents to applicant records
  • All applicant data flows to employee records
  • One click paperless New Hire Onboarding
  • Full EEOC reporting
  • ATS Analytics dashboard

With the All-Aboard New Hire Onboarding system from Alliance Payroll, you can take your organization to a new level of paperless efficiency.

$5.00 per new hire. $500.00 setup fee.

  • Paperless Assimilation of Your New Team Members
  • Electronically Certify I9
  • Rehire Eligibility Enforced
  • PDFs of All Forms Stored Electronically
  • Page Customization and Custom Data Collection Fields
  • Electronic W4s
  • Electronic State Withholding Forms
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit Forms
  • Represent new hire forms in 65 languages

We streamline the entire process in our single web-based system, AllPay, that eliminates paperwork and manages the flow of data--ensuring completion and participation within the 28 calendar day guideline.

10% of credit found.

  • 8850 & 9061 Forms collected electronically in New Hire Onboarding
  • Dashboard keep informed on status of employee credits
  • Actual worked hours linked to WOTC dashboard
  • PDFs of All Forms Stored Electronically
  • Removes managers from form collection process
Our Pricing Philosophy

We hate to shock you, but in this section you will actually see a price list for a payroll service company. Ours. That's right, the prices that all of our clients pay. The price list that all of our prospects receive. The prices that are probably a lot lower than you are paying your current provider. Unfortunately, our industry is infamous for pricing games. Always trying to tempt a prospect with a low price to get started, only to have them find out 6 months later that they will have to be raised to "base pricing". Stop the games. Start saving. With Alliance Payroll.

How our pricing works:

Each time your business processes payroll we will apply our payroll fees. Optional service fees are applied monthly. Year-end W2, 1099 and ACA Employee statements (1094-C and 1095-C) forms are applied in January.

  • New client set-up (we think charging for this is a detriment to the start of a great relationship)
  • YTD conversion of wages (same reason as #1)
  • Check signing
  • Envelope stuffing
  • Report writer
  • Pre processing report
  • Prior year module
  • Ongoing software license fees Automated Employee Measurement (no need to manually run reports)
  • Automated Affordable Care Act Management Tools

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