AllPay - Time Keeping

A simple, yet effective, way to track employee labor!

Want to keep your existing time keeping system?

We understand that you may already have an employee time keeping system that works perfectly for your business. Our payroll system is designed to accept payroll imports from most time keeping systems. Simply supply us with your current time keeping payroll import file and our team will map the data for use with our system.

Employees clocking in/out on a Point of Sale (POS) system?

We support thousands of locations where employee time is managed on a POS system. Our team is very experienced at mapping POS time files to our payroll system. We can even create custom POS imports that allow your payroll team to do multiple imports, this format can help large organizations process payroll more efficiently than doing one file per pay period.

Need a new time keeping system?

Our simple, web-based time and attendance package allows employees to clock in using a time clock, kiosk or personal computer. Thanks to the seamless integration, our time system allows you to eliminate errors and reduce the time it takes you to do payroll.

Employees can “punch” in and out online from their Employee Self-Service (MyPay) account or with an onsight terminal.  Supervisors manage timecards online without having access to sensitive payroll data; hours then seamlessly integrate into AllPay payroll batches.

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