AllPay - One Database, One Online System

Superior System Design

You can forget about questionable solutions boasting “integration” between several disparate systems via single sign-on. What actually works? A single database for all of your employee management tasks--exactly what we provide through the AllPay web-based system.

With Alliance Payroll, you have a voice. We listen to what our users would like from their workforce management solution. Each year, we see hundreds of user requests posted to our Client Ideas board. We take these client ideas and update AllPay four times each year in our free seasonal updates.

AllPay also has a complete Application Protocol Interface (API) that allows clients to connect third party applications directly to its data. Through the API connection you are able to connect to proprietary franchise systems and training management systems.

System Features

With all employee data managed in one database, changes made in one module are automatically in sync with the entire system. Using Alliance Payroll Services allows you to manage all employee data from pre-hire to retirement in one system, eliminating paper every step of the way.

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