Affordable Care Act Tracking

Affordable Care Act Management

Alliance Payroll Service’s ACA Compliance Suite will help you easily manage all aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Instead of manually consolidating employee data into complex spreadsheets or batch loading data from a couple of systems to a separate compliance tool, look to Alliance Payroll Services for one online solution to streamline the entire ACA compliance process. Our AllPay online solution leverages its single database design to deliver the most advanced Affordable Care Act (ACA) Compliance Suite for Restaurant and Hospitality operations!

With Alliance Payroll Services, each piece of the employer mandate compliance puzzle is connected. The Measurement Period Setup wizard allows you to easily create multiple measurement groups. Since AllPay is a single database, live payroll data is queried for its measurement calculations. Operations with multiple companies of common ownership will appreciate that shared employees are accurately measured. AllPay even takes into account ACA Rehires rules.

Reports, Dashboards and Views deliver ACA information into actionable formats that can be accessed by executive management and front line managers. Managers can use our predictive hour’s tools to manage team members to a desired “Hours Worked” goal. Automated alerts and notifications mean that management and employees are always up to date on their ACA status.

Affordable Care Act Highlights:
  • Automated Employee Measurement (no need to manually run reports)
  • Create unlimited ACA Measurement Groups
  • Scheduling dashboard to keep managers informed of employee average hours
  • Cost Projections and Trending Analysis for easy budget calculations
  • Employee ACA status updates automatically in our system – no manual intervention
  • Automatic notifications to your key personnel when an employee’s ACA status changes – no one slips through the cracks
  • Automatic “Hours Alert” notifications
  • Cross company measurement
  • Dynamic ACA Analytic Dashboard
  • Online benefit enrollment (requires activation of MyPay Platinum employee portal)
  • Location and Department participation analysis
  • Employee 1094-C and 1095-c statements

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